Wsdl and php exercise.the exercise is split in 2 parts:

WSDL and PHP exercise.The exercise is split in 2 parts:
Part 1For the Hand-in Assignment for this week, please create a Web service using PHP. This should be similar to the examples provided in the Lecture Notes (see attachment). Be sure to include the client, server and WSDL files similar to those described. Upload the server and WSDL files to a web server. Keep the Web service fairly simple, unless you are confident of creating a more complex one—don’t bite off too much. Then post the URL for your WSDL file and any other information needed to a word document.Please do this ASAP, as others in the class will be waiting for class members’ Web services in order to complete Part 2.
Part 2
For this part, write PHP scripts to access and consume two Web services that other class members have made available to you from Part 1 of the Hand-in Assignment. You can keep the scripts relatively simple if you wish, or if you are confident, you can enhance them from the simple ones provided in the Learning Resources.Submit all of the files (five at least) and specify the URLs of the services that you consumed in Part 2. This is so the Instructor can test your Web service and your consumption of others.
PS: I need part 1 solution Tuesday May 6 the latest.As you noticed, in order for you to solve part 2, I need to give you 2 web services files from the class. I am still waiting my classmates to submit the files and I will submit them as soon as I get them so that you can write the PHP scripts.
Kindly submit part1 ASAP as a reply to this thread and entire assignment will be considered to be completed as soon as both parts 1 and 2 are done.

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