Writing assignment #1 draft health myth buster

Finish doing the PDF file following the instructions in the PDF and make sure it meets the requirements that are written down below.


1.  This brochure clearly states the name of the product & how it works. It proves that product is real (e.g. picture of the ad). 

2.  This brochure supplies useful information showing that this product can/cannot reduce weight. It is not just anecdotal or persuasive. 

3.  I learned something new when I read this brochure. This brochure tells me more than what everybody already thinks or knows. 

4.  The brochure showed that real thought and effort went into it. It was not full of egregious errors in spelling and grammar. 

5.  The brochure’s message was loud and clear. It was not just a collage of unconnected statements that were difficult to follow. 

6.  The brochure translates the hype of the product into objective language that helps me to evaluate the claim(s) critically. 

7.  The brochure presents facts & arguments pro and contra the claim(s). It explains the mode of weight loss (reduce caloric intake | increase caloric output) and whether this product could really work. 

8.  The brochure then weighs these pros and cons to formulate a clear and persuasive conclusion. 

9.  The brochure points out health risks and benefits (such as the weight staying off). 

10.  The brochure uses original scientific data to make the point.

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