Wk 6c jose | Criminal homework help


Please read the below article involving the LAPD Crash Unit and respond to the classmate discussion post below in minimum of 100 words:

Rampart CRASH Unit Article Review: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/lapd/scandal/cron.html 

 If I was a newly hired chief of police in my department, I would implement the following ethical based program to prevent a Rampart type scandal in my organization. First, having a transparency conduct from the highest rank to the newest rookie officer will be enforced. All employees ethical behavior would be monitored and evaluated by trained management and supervisors to make sure that it is clear and understood what the ethical policy is expected from them. Second, communication of the required expectations in all levels of the chain of command will be notably performed by periodically surveys and meetings. I personally feel that when the employees are educated on the importance of professionalism in the work force, that can be a deterrent for many inappropriate and misconduct behavior by certain employees. For the most part all of the officers coming into the law enforcement profession do so for the right reason(s). Officers want to serve and protect the communities that saw them grow or are a “nest” for their families and loved ones. For that same reason it is crucial that the officers of the department get trainings and educated on the importance of community respect and ethics values to help better serve the citizens of our city.  

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