Week 2 data science | Computer Science homework help


Week Two Assignment: R studio

Chapter 5 from the Hands-on Programming with RSubmit a fully documented and executed R-Markdown (“knit” as pdf / word or html) file R program replicating the code from the following sections of chapter 5:5.1, 5.3, 5.4, 5.7, 5.8Replicate and run every line of code listed in the above sections in R studio on your own machine.Please note that all code assignments must be submitted as a screenshot with a slice of your desktop showing the timestamp.If the time and date are not visible, you will be graded 0.Put the screenshots in a word document, make sure to comment the code (explain what it does)  and interpret the graph if applicable(explain what its depicting)All assignments will go through SafeAssign. Your score should be less than 30 and you will only be allowed 2 attempts. Please email your instructor if you have any questions. 

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