Unit vii project (for hifsa shaukat only) project management

Use the project you have been working on in Units III and VI to conduct a preliminary risk analysis of your project. Please use a qualitative and a quantitative technique to evaluate project risk. The total assignment is worth 100 points. Please submit as one document.

Please see the sample risk analysis on page 224 in the textbook. A minimum of three typed pages is required.

1. Generate a set of likely risk factors, and discuss them in terms of probability and consequences. (20 points)

2. Use a qualitative technique to evaluate project risk. (20 points)

3. Use a quantitative technique to evaluate project risk. (20 points)

4. Develop preliminary strategies for risk mitigation. (20 points)

5. Create a Resource-leveling table for your assigned project. Please see complete description on page 378 in the textbook. (20 points)

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


Attached is Unit III and VI projects you did to complete this one. Also I am asking four pages

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