Unit 3 db: toddlers and imaginative play


Have you ever noticed how children can be captivated by looking at objects in the world – shells on the beach, frogs in a pond, pebbles on the playground? In this video, a teacher explores with toddlers an imaginative setting in the classroom to stimulate their creative thinking and encourage interaction with the classroom environment. As you watch, notice how she engages different senses in her activity.

Describe how the teacher in the video encourages aesthetics using sensory exploration. Describe other senses that you could engage in this activity and the techniques you would use with children to engage those other senses. Suggest two activities that you could do with children in another age group (up to age 8) that would help them engage with their senses to build their appreciation for beauty or sense of wonder. Make sure to identify the age group for the activities. 

With your peers, discuss the benefits of aesthetic sensitivity in children and expand on each other’s suggested activities. Share one additional idea for an activity for your classmates’ identified age group.

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