Topic: online esl(english as second language) teaching in america


Literature review

topic: Online ESL(English as second language) teaching in America

at least 10 sources needed, APA format.

this will be a part of my capstone paper, I just finished the abstract part, I can post here. Maybe it will help.


The purpose of this research proposal is to compare online ESL teaching in US and China, in the aspect of teaching method, processes, materials, platform/media, and teaching effectiveness. One-on-one interviews will be the main method in this research. Several teachers who have experiences in teaching online and students who are taking online ESL courses or were participating before will be invited to the interview, face-to-face or through email or other social media. After finishing all the interviews, reports or answers will be analyzed in order to find advantages and disadvantages both in US and China, and then come up with some suggestions which can help improve online ESL teaching.

Key words: ESL; online teaching; US; China.

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