The stranger by albert camus- meursault’s character perspective

Based on the following prompt craft a 4 to 5 page essay. Strictly adhering to the gulidlines. Use the following attachments intext and the book itself. Must be MLA format. 



The Character(psychological) Perspective: Some literary critics call this the “psychological”


perspective because its purpose is to examine the internal motivations of literary characters.


When we hear actors say that they are searching for their character’s motivation, they are using


something like this perspective. As a form of criticism, this perspective deals with works of


literature as expressions of the personality, state of mind, feelings, and desires of the author or


of a character within the literary work. As readers, we investigate the psychology of a character


or an author to figure out the meaning of a text (although sometimes an examination of the


author’s psychology is considered biographical criticism, depending on your point of view).

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