The impact of air cargo operations

 Explore the impact of air cargo operations from the perspective of air-express, air freight, and air mail services. Include a minimum of three and a maximum of five elements consisting of: a discussion on the factors affecting airline scheduling and the problems of traffic flow, schedule sensitivity, and financial leverage of load factors. Be detailed. 

Examine the fleet planning process and provide an example from a current manufacturer and individual air carrier to support your viewpoints. Also, include a summary of information to recap the key points for the reader.

The Paper must:

 Written in current APA format and consist of 2-3 pages in length not including the title page and reference page. This paper must also include at least three references that are cited and one of these references must come from a peer-reviewed article

All references, including your peer-reviewed article, should be cited in the text of the assignment and on the reference page.

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