The following post is from another student. please react adding other


The following post is from another student. Please react adding other extra imformation relate to the post. 

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Nurses can provide general education to the young males in the society, as most of the communities have focused so much on the welfare of the girls leaving behind the boys. Nurses can fill in the gap that exists by giving them the necessary information on their health (Kozon, 2016). They can teach them on disease prevention strategy and how to overcome health challenges that are specific to males.

They could engage them on issues such as sexual reproduction, which help improve male sexual reproduction health. These nurses, moreover, could teach the boys about sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent unplanned pregnancies. They could also provide health items such as condoms and other forms of planning that improves their sexual health (Lambert, 2016). They should make the young males understand they could face critical sexual reproduction challenges, which are common at their age.

Nurses can identify and address health inequalities facing young men, and they can research on the health challenges and forward the information to the authorities. Once they have identified the issues, they could petition for equal health opportunities for young males (Lambert, 2016). They could then implement the solutions that close the inequality gap among the males.


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