Similarities and differe stakholder decision makers business

You have been asked to design a sales curriculum for a large multinational corporation.

Part I

  • Identify whom you would consider the critical decision makers regarding what will be included in the curriculum. From what roles or jobs should they be drawn? How do you ensure diversity in identifying decision makers? What qualifications should they have?
  • Identify those whom you think might provide significant input regarding the curriculum, and explain why you believe they are qualified and what their role might be.

Part II

  • Explain the similarities and differences between the stakeholders and decision makers in a business environment and a school setting.
  • Discuss instances in which curriculum decision makers have disagreed and how those disagreements were resolved.  Who resolved them?  What role did that person have?
  • In what ways might state programs, such as the Common Core curriculum, or federal programs, such as No Child Left Behind, influence decision makers, the selection of decision makers, and their actions regarding curriculum?

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