Qualitative proposal | Accounting homework help

Format for writing a qualitative proposal:

1. Philosophical assumptions or worldview of qualitative research.

2. Qualitative design (e.g., ethnography, case study)

3. Role of the researcher

4. Data collection procedures

5. Data analysis procedures

6. Strategies for validating findings

7. Anticipated ethical issues

8. Expected impact and significance of the study

References (should be peer reviewed) 

Format for writing a quantitative proposal:

1. Review of the literature

2. Methods; Type of research design (e.g., experimental or survey)

3. population, sample, and participants

4. Data collection instruments, variables, and materials

5. Data analysis procedures

6. Anticipated ethical issues in the study

References (should be peer reviewed) 

Write and submit either a qualitative or quantitative methods assignment no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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