| Marketing homework help is an online and specialty store retailer of high-end running shoes, apparel, and accessories for the professional runner, competitive runners (e.g., high school, college track) and advanced recreational runners. The company aims to be the first choice for the running athlete by offering a wide variety of innovative products to meet their customers’ needs. They may not be the cheapest running store, but they offer exceptional customer service and stock products that cannot be found elsewhere. They have a rapid product delivery timeframe and offer an easy and flexible return policy. Competitors include other online retailers, specialty running stores, and “big box” retailers for some products.


Imagine that you are the executive team of, and you are beginning an organization design effort. Identify five design criteria (i.e customer service) that you would use to guide your choices. Make sure to rank your choices in order, 1 to 5, according to your priorities.

Each category should have 1 paragraph each and at least 2 references total for the paper.


Submission Instructions:

  • Your paper should be in current APA style (7th edition), including the title and references page. 
  • Complete and submit the assignment by 2:00 PM ET Sunday.

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