Project 4 | Management homework help

Deadline 18 hours

I will need original answers please

Go to simulation reports they are complete

You can use the information I have uploaded as WhatsApp image for this project

Please note I’m on team Chester and on my original sheet but just to make sure

Use the Current round reports you will find them on the simulation reports for project 4

Submit an analysis of Rounds 1 through 4 of the simulation by answering the questions provided in the Project 4 Analysis Questions template. Link to the Learning Topic from MBA 620 in Question #6 can be found here. Your report should be eight to ten pages (approximately 250 to 300 words per question), double spaced, excluding cover page. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included in the body of your answers. Your report should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. In-text citations and references should abide by APA format. Do not delete the questions as you complete the template.

Along with your analysis, submit your Team Decision Record. Thus, you will submit two files to the dropbox located in the final step of this project.

Fill out a Capsim Decision Record at the conclusion of each round. This document will serve as a record of your thoughts and decisions in each of the functional areas.

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