Post and include the following elements about developing a

 2 pages due 3pm 

For this Discussion, you listen to the personal stories of how two distinguished counselor educators, Dr. John Marszalek and Dr. Matthew Buckley, developed their own theoretical orientations. Read your Instructor’s post regarding his or her theoretical orientation in this week’s Discussion Board.

Then, reflect upon the various factors that can influence the development of a counselor’s theoretical orientation. What factors might be influencing your own development process?

To Prepare:

  • Review Corey article.
  • Review this week’s Learning Resources, specifically focusing on the two media programs: Theoretical Orientations and Course Wrap-Up.
  • Visit the Discussion Board to review your Instructor’s post on his/her theoretical orientation.

Post and include the following elements about developing a theoretical orientation:

  • What are your initial reactions and thoughts about your Instructor’s theoretical orientation?
  • What did you learn about theoretical orientations from Drs. Marszalek and Buckley?
  • Explain where you are now in the process of beginning to develop your own theoretical orientation. Include a description of the factors that are currently influencing your development process.
  • Explain your future plans for personal theoretical development.


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