Position paper i picked egypt and the conflict theory by marx and

For this essay you will pick a global crisis related to food, fuel or water and pick a position in regards to the crisis. I suggest you look at the countries you picked and think about what position they would take in the subject. Would they agree with the existence of a ‘crisis’? Would they believe that the international community should step in or not? Do they believe they, as a country, have any responsibilities to help better the crisis? Or do they wash their hands from it and refuse to accept the emergency of the situation? Your analysis should be grounded in one of the theories we have studied. You do NOT have to pick more than one theory. In fact, I rather you thoroughly and correctly apply ONE theory, than attempt to add all of them just for the sake of doing so. If you wish, you may pick more than one. Just make sure you are confident you can pull it off. You do not have to think as a policymaker and give solutions to the crisis yet (that is for your research paper), but I do encourage you to think as a leader of your country. 

For example (which you cannot use!), the United States has very much ignored the global warming crisis for a while now, even refusing to ratify The Kyoto Protocol. However, recent comments by President Obama, as well as recent investments in alternative energy sources, lead us to believe that maybe the US is beginning to change its position on the subject and begin to take it seriously. To tie this in to the theories I could say that the Obama administration is attempting to change the meaning and implications of climate change for American society (symbolic interactionism). Furthermore, I could say that the US is attempting to build a system in which the international institutions begin to bear some of the burden of the system, so that we can transform a dyfunctional system (functionalism) which ignores the problem into a functional one which aids in its resolution and in which all members of the globe will be equally responsible and equally benefitted by the new world order (Marxist theory). 

The paper should be 4-5 pages, MLA. Use at least 4 sources, INCLUDING at least one scholarly journal, newspaper articles, and international organization websites.  

I picked the country Egypt and the conflict theory by Marx and Engels 

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