Policy & health issue | Nursing homework help

 NOTE: 300 WORDS. Use 3 sources below.
Kindly read the instruction below.

Consider a topic that rises to the presidential level. How did each of the presidents (Trump, Obama, and Bush) handle the problem? What would you do differently?

Consider how federal agendas promote healthcare issues and how these healthcare issues become agenda priorities


1) Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M. (2019). Health Policy and Politics: A nurse’s guide (6th ed.). Burlington, MA. Jones & Bartlett Learning

2) O’Rourke, N.C., Crawford, S.L., Morris, N. S.,, & Pulcini; J. (2017). Political efficacy & participation of nurse practitioner. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice, 18(3), 135-148

3) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Paperback) 7th 20, Author: American Psychological Association. 

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