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 Using the Monrdian Painting, “Boogie Woogie”, you will create a 20’x20’x20′ personal space ( model size is 10″x10″x10″).   It will be up to you to decide the function of the space. The space can be any concept: a mini reading cabin,  a sleep space, a gallery, etc.    You will be required to use the painting  below assigned as the underlying theme (analyzing: history, line, space, geometry, color, etc) 


Why this painting?

For us, Broadway Boogie Woogie represents an architectural study in the relationship between structure and flexibility, universal order and self expression, and dynamic composition. You are required to analyze the painting by developing a series of analytical diagrams to assist in understanding the work, and how it might be creatively developed into a third dimension. Through the act of drawing, the connection of mind and hand, you will be able to develop and explore a multi-layered understand of the work, much the same as would happen in a site analysis of a real site.

In developing this series of  traces / analytical drawings you should consider and explore ideas in the painting that highlight the link between the universal and individual (the order and the chaos) that Mondrian was interested in. As such you may be interested in exploring its line, intersection, color, geometry, rhythm, proportion, scale, figure, ground, solid, void, velocity, saturation, edge, time, light and dark, etc. Keep in mind the analysis of the painting in terms of its organization is to explore ways in which the two dimensional plan may be developed into a three dimensional (cubic) volume, through identifying and using the creative possibilities found in the relationships between different, equal and overlapping interpretations of a given “site”.

What will you be designing?

A 20 x 20 x 20 personal space   (models:  2 draft 1 models, 1 final model, any material)

Based on a development of your sketches from the Mondrian and analysis from the painting, you are to design an ideal 20x 20x 20’ space, with a function of your choice.  Suggestions include :  a workspace, living space and outdoor space in roughly equivalent proportions, gallery space, skate park, social justice plaza,  gaming pod, etc. Through considering your drawings you made from the geometrical diagrams and site analysis, you are to develop your space giving particular consideration to developing the structural logic of your design, considerations of solid and void, light and shadow, privacy and openness, the distribution of different programs and their nature and the proportion of your own body. One restriction is that no loose furniture is allowed in the design for this space, which means that every surface you use should be built into the structure itself.

Your principal means of developing this space will be through model making. You are required to make no less than two study models, and a final model all at the scale of 1” = 2’ (or 10” x 10” x 10”). You may use any materials you choose for the study models, but the final model should be constructed using one opaque material and one translucent material that you should discuss with your instructor. 

Submit Final Images of models and drawings (trace drawings of the painting) in a PDF booklet.  (see below for example)


1.   2 draft models and 1 final model

2.   2-3 trace drawing

3.   Written description of your program (function) 


1.  Your original trace drawings (tracing the painting)

2.  Any other supporting  references (to case studies, materials, art,etc)

Note: Please submit your work on time on the specified due date.  Late work is marked down 1/2  grade each working day M-F.


Personal Space Project Rubric
Personal Space Project RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConceptual Thinking Process and Description1. Weekly Iterations and show process
2. Research about Mondrian
3. Research architectural case studies.
4. Convey intent of personal space (function, program, and how that’s tied to the painting)
4 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeModels1. Minimum of 2 study models
2. One final model (approx. 1/2″=1-0″). (approx 10″x10″x10″)
3. Level of craftsmanship
4. Spatial Composition
7 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDrawings1. Top view drawing complete
2. Side view drawing complete
3. (done in pencil or ink) at the same scale of final model
4. Completeness, accuracy, and attention to detail
5. Line Weights and Clarity
4 pts
Total Points: 15


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