Part 1 of 4 part assignment, (committing to all 4 parts)

will pay based on each assignment. However I need 1 person who is commited to completing all 4 parts since the assignments all follow each other and up to the final paper which a 8-10  page final paper. All Work must be new content, never used before, Plagiarism free, in APA Formate.



First part is due this Monday! ($5.00)


This is the first part due Monday Nov


Review the assignment requirements for the Capstone Project: Federal Education Proposal (due in Week 5), along with the assignment guidelines for Part Two (due in Week 2) and Part Three (due in Week 3). In a one page paper, you will describe the area of focus for the Capstone Project: Federal Education Proposal.

Within the paper:

  • Describe the area of focus (example: early childhood education, higher education, school personnel etc.) that serves children and schools.
  • Explain the policy area that will be addressed (example: funding, assessment of policy outcomes etc.).

One other reference, in addition to the course text, is required. Remember to cite all sources using APA style.

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