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W 5 A
Discuss the OSCL training program and how is has worked with foster parents and in school activities.

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W 5 D Q 1    Describe Reckless’s Containment Theory and then describe how it applies to crime prevention techniques.

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W  5 Q #2
Discuss the OSCL training program and how is has worked with foster parents and in school activities.

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w5 DQ 1

Reckless’s Containment Theory discussed different influences that could affect a person in their behaviors. He suggested different factors that may attempt push or pull a person to delinquent behaviors ( Lilly, Cullen & Ball 2011). The Containment Theory was meant to exercise the thought of why despite outside influences on a person, conformity and maintaining social order stays in effect.
What his theory meant was that despite all social efforts of a disorganized neighborhood, a person refuses to act as a delinquent and strives to maintain social conformity. His theory gave a foundation to the fact that it was possible to teach persons self worth and things of that nature to build their confidence. In starting with this at a young age, youth would not then be tainted by social deviance and be more likely to stick to social conformity.

w 5 #1

The Reckless containment theory is based on internal and external controls which Reckless himself termed these “inner” and “outer” containment.  He went further then this by including factors that would motivate youth to commit deliquent acts.  The basic idea of containment theory is that the inner and outer pushes and pulls will create deliquency if the inner and outer containment is not present. Outer containment includes parental and teachers supervision and discipline and a strong moral front from these variables.  Inner containment comes from a strong conscience which renders one to be less vulnerable to the pulls and pushes of deliquent environment by the product of socialization of the family.

W 5 D Q 2

The Oregon Social Learning Center focuses on social and psychological processes for healthy family development.

The center focuses on specific projects relating to tools for developing healthy families, including service members readjusting to family life, drug abuse prevention, children in the welfare system, partner selection, early growth and development studies by life phases, and many, many more.

The OSLC has helped many foster families transition their children into school and summer activities through play therapy, support groups, behavior therapy in a variety of locations and settings. They also have programs to assist foster parents in transitioning foster children into kindergarten or preschool. The effectiveness of hue hep programs are tested for effectiveness in transitioning the children. This project will serve 200 children over a five year period.

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 D Y
w 5 dq 2

The Oregon Social Learning Center is based on research of the social learning theory and applying it to families and peer groups ( Akers & Sellers 2013). The family model discusses how a child learns behaviors from family members and their interactions. Children who have been exposed to high actions of deliquency and have been in trouble are assigned to trained foster parents. These foster parents are specially picked and trained to utilize behavior management methods. They learn how to properly and effectively impose positive and negative reinforcements to help the youth learn how to appropiately behave.
In the school systems they are enforcing classes two times a week for ten weeks to help the youth stay busy. The OSLC researched that children develop anti social behaviors from peers and those that they spend the most time with on a day to day basis ( Akers & Sellers 2013). These classes are meant to provide a healthy environment for the troubled youth and get them back on the straighten path to contribute to the conformities of society.
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