Organizational design and human resources

Read the chapters and answer the following questions:


Management, Ch. 11: Organization Structures and Design


1.    How do organizational structures affect organizational functions?

2.    How does your organization’s structure affect its organizational functions?

3.    Will the organizational functions in a small business affect it’s organizational structure differently than that of a large business?  If so, how and why?

Management, Ch. 13: Human Resource Management

As you read the material found in chapter 13, I would like for you to consider the following:


1) How has technology impacted Human Resource Management?

2) How has Human Resources Management changed in the past decade (technologically and otherwise)?

3) How do you see HRM changing in the future?


Management Planning Presentation


You are an executive for a Fortune 500 company and are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the organization’s direction.

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes on each slide, in which you address the following:

  • Analyze factors that influence each of the following: the company’s strategic planning, tactical planning, operational planning, and contingency planning.
  • Analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning. Provide at least one example for each.
  • Evaluate the planning function of management as it relates to the organization’s goals and strategies.
  • Use steps in the specific formal planning process outlined in the text.


Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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