Need help with this construction sitework and equipment project

-Final deliverables include a 6000-8000 words report 

-no plagiarism


-all the information needed for the paper is on the file uploaded below…

-show calculations and formulas ( clearly stated and labeled)

Font and Spacing:

  Times New Roman No. 11 regular font with Double Spacing should be used for the entire manuscript except for the following:

  Title of Paper: Times New Roman Font, Size 14pt, All Cap, Bold Face, Center First Heading: Times New Roman, 12 pt, All Caps, Bold face

  Second Heading: Times New Roman, 11 pt, Title Case, Bold face

  Third Heading: Times New Roman, 11 pt, First letter capital, Bold face

  Table Captions: Times New Roman, 11 pt, Bold Face, Center

  Figure Captions: Times New Roman, 11pt, Bold Face, Center

  Text should be fully justified. Section headings should align on the left-hand margin. Place a full page of text and figures on each page.


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