Music concert critique | American history homework help


After either attending a live concert or watching a full-length concert online, write a critique of the performance following the format below.

Here are a few examples of full-length concerts you can find online (by conducting a web search using the criteria below) that could be used for this assignment:

· Coldplay Live In Boston 2012 (Full Concert DVD)

· Sting: If on a winters night-Live from Durham Cathedral 2009 (watch all 14 songs on concert)

· Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ron Wood, Bill Wyman, Jan Hammer, Charlie

· Duke Ellington The Great Paris Concert

· Richard Galliano/Winton Marsalis – Billie Holiday meets Edith PIAF

· Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Center Orchestra @ The BBC Proms 2004

· Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson, Amazing stuff!

· Loretta Lynn — You’re Looking At Country – Legends In Concert

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