Multiple questions answers | Accounting homework help

1. The bulk of people’s dreams occur during _____. (Points : 2)
REM sleep
NREM sleep
stage 4, deep sleep
stage 2, light sleep

2. Which of the following is true of NREM sleep? (Points : 2)
It may help the body recover from bodily fatigue.
Breathing becomes irregular.
NREM sleep is marked by rapid EEG patterns.
Dreams are more vivid and emotional during NREM.

3. A hereditary problem in which the victim has irresistible “sleep attacks” in the day is called (Points : 2)
REM behavior disorder.
sleep apnea.
excessive daytime sleepiness.

4. Freud’s psychodynamic theory of dreaming emphasizes _____. (Points : 2)
dreams as sensations, motor commands, and memories that are synthesized by the cortex of the brain
dreams as internal psychic abilities that provide insight into the future
dreams as internal conflicts and unconscious forces that are based on wish fulfillment
dreams as a form of hypnosis

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