Mpm344 u5ip | MPM344 Project Risk Management | Colorado Technical University

This week, you will finalize your project risk management plan. You will use the template provided in Unit 1 to complete the items in the Project Risk Communications section.

  • Fill out the communications matrix for communicating the risk elements to your project stakeholders. The matrix should include the following: 
    • Individual stakeholders (who) 
    • Risk content (what) 
    • Method used to transmit the information (how) 
    • Frequency (when) 
    • These items should be specific to each stakeholder. 
  • Write a memo to the project sponsor describing the risk approach, the appropriateness of the risk identification process, an overview of the risk analyses activities, the response strategies you did not use, and improvement ideas to use in future projects.

Click here to download a Word template to complete this assignment.

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