Mgmt 340 week 3 problems and exercises

MGMT 340 Week 3 Problems and Exercises



1. One of the potential problems mentioned in thischapter  with  gathering  information  requirements  by  observing  potential  system  users  isthat  people  may  change  their  behavior  whenobserved. What could you do to overcome thispotentially  confounding  factor  in  accuratelydetermining information requirements??




3. Suppose  you  were  asked  to  lead  a  JAD session. List ten guidelines you would follow inplaying  the  proper  role  of  a  JAD  session leader





Chapter 6     

8. Consider the DFD in Figure 6-20. List three errors(rule violations) on this DFD.


9. Consider  the  three  DFDs  in  Figure  6-21.  Listthree errors (rule violations) on these DFDs.




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