Managing a specific event or project


Atha Corporation Questionnaire

Directions: Please provide responses to the prompts below. The expectation is that each section is from 750 to 1,000 words in length. Submit this completed questionnaire to Assessment 1.

Management of an Event or a Project 

Describe an instance where you were required to manage a specific event or project. This does not necessarily need to have been in a business setting or required you to have a manager title. For example, you might have managed a social event, a church event, et cetera. What is required is that other people were involved and your management skills were used. If you do not have an example, share your experience with a manager who led an event or a project you were involved in as a team member.

[Enter your response here. 750 –1,000 words.]

Analyze Your Approach to Managing

Analyze your approach (or the approach you witnessed as a team member) to the situation that you shared in the section above. Reference specific examples of your actions or your manager’s actions to illustrate and support your analysis. Consider actions in each of the following functions of management:

· Planning.

· Organizing.

· Leading.

· Controlling.

[Enter your response here. 750–1,000 words]

Characteristics of an Effective Manager

At times, we experience a discontent due to a long-term erosion of trust with management. Describe numerous characteristics you used when you managed the event or project you shared in the first section. Again, if you are speaking of an event or a project in which you were a team member, share the characteristics that you witnessed in the manager who led the event or project. Justify why these characteristics are important.

[Enter your response here. 750–1,000 words]

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