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The following essential questions that I have posted are critical to help you explore and understand the assigned readings L & S Ch. 2 and Ch. 3 during Week 3.  These questions are intended to drive and stimulate the discussion and move your understanding beyond the plain sense of the text. Reading my PPT and watching the posted videos will guide you to answer these questions.

Please select 2 questions (one question from L&S Ch. 2 and another one from  Ch.3) out of these posted essential questions, answer them and post your responses in the Week 3 discussion forum (50 words for each question minimum). Please write your answers in your own words!!

Responses should:

· Be coherent;

· Be posted in the time allotted;

· Be respectful;

· Be scholarly

The following questions are based on L&S Ch.2:

· 1) What aspects of learners’ interlanguage are most likely to affect their ability
to use language effectively outside the classroom? Word order? Grammatical
morphemes? Vocabulary? Phonology? Pragmatics? Do you think priorities for
classroom interaction and instruction reflect the importance of these different
language features?

· 2) What was an important difference between the error analysis approach to understanding L2 learner language and the contrastive analysis approach? 

The following questions are based on L&S Ch.3:

· 3) How would it help you to know the relationship between the personal characteristics discussed in this chapter and their influence on L2 development?

· 4) Describe how the existence of individual differences influence instruction in the classroom. How would you manage individual differences in your own classroom?

Videos for Big Concepts in L &S Ch 2

Videos for Big Concepts in L &S Ch 3

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