Lab 6 exploring independence and probabilities | MAT109

     1. Use   the gender and smoke100 pivot table (contingency table) and conduct the test   for independence. Are gender and having smoked at least 100 cigarettes   independent? This test requires all expected values to be at least 1, are   there any cells in the theoretical table that are zero? Are all the   theoretical values at least 5? If so you can make a statement about the   proportions as your authors do with the gender and promotion example at the   end of Chapter 1. Answer these questions using sentences and include a   statement about the decision to reject or not reject the null hypothesis of   independence.   2. Use   the gender and smoke100 pivot table (contingency table) and create a tree   diagram using gender as the primary branch. Click into each segment and enter   brief titles and values, refer to examples in book. Tip: This template uses   the Word SmartArt Graphic, Horizontal Hierarchy under the Insert menu.   3. What   other variables could be reviewed for independence in this manner, the 2 rows   and 2 columns case? Conduct one such analysis, state the null and alternate   hypotheses and include the Excel tab copied from the template provided. State   the decision and write the statement of what this decision means: if you   reject or do not reject and then what this says about the two variables.   Several sentences are expected for this answer along with the completed Excel   sheet.    

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