Key success factors portion of an industry analysis report that will

I will need the key success factors portion on pg. 13/17 completed and the instructions are in the file. These are the questions that must be answered with the information provided in the document. The KSF is to be one page long. 


Research: This section probably does not require additional research. Instead you should reflect back on all that you have already learned about this industry. Before a team member starts writing this section, make sure the input of all other members from their research for their sections is taken into consideration. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what you have learned. 

· What are the 3-4 key success factors that have the strongest relationship with success and profitability?

· Do these KSFs vary by segment, if there are segments in the industry?

· How are these KSFs likely to vary over time?

· What are the implications of this evolution?

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