John brown, a hero | Applied Sciences homework help


Instructions: For this paper assignment you will be reading Tony Horwitz’s account of John Brown and his raid on Harper’s Ferry in Midnight Rising.  After completing the book, I want you to address one of the following two questions in a 3-5 page (double-spaced, standard font and margins):

1.  One of the most heated debates that has surrounded John Brown is if he should be considered a hero or terrorists.  What is your interpretation based on the reading?  For this prompt you will adopt a position and then argue, drawing evidence from the book, as to why you hold that view.

2.  Your second option for the paper asks you to examine John Brown in relation to the Abolition Movement. Do you think John Brown furthered the goal of Abolition, or made its realization more difficult?  Construct an argument, and then use the book to support your case.

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