In order to change our focus from finding meaning in words to finding


English class – must be 100 words must cite work.


In order to change our focus from finding meaning in words to finding meaning in images, your second discussion board assignment for this week will be to describe a political cartoon based on the Cruz and Motoko readings.  If you Google “political cartoon,” you’ll find plenty of examples of what these images do.  They represent the heart of an idea or conflict in a way that someone working through the newspaper immediately sees the irony or satire that is being represented.  While some are true masterpieces, their power comes from representing difficult ideas in a very accessible way.  Think of the readings and choose one to “sketch” in words.  Then, describe what the cartoon version of this article would look like using a detailed description.  It should be about 100 words long and explain why it makes the concept accessible to the audience.  If you are of an artistic persuasion and would like a break from typing, you can feel entirely free to quickly sketch your cartoon rather than type it out.  You won’t receive extra credit, but you will gain the undying admiration of your classmates who can’t draw a squiggly line. Your “sketch” should be up by Wednesday at 11:59 PM.


Note to myself: PD DQ Week 11

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