I need someone to do my sociology imagination paper

Please read the attachment so you can know obviously know what’s going on.  This paper is going to need to be very creative and organic.  You will need to know a couple of things about me to write this paper.  It has to be about my life but please get creative It can be a little fictional.

Here are the things about me and what i’ve been through.

My name is leena pratt

I am african american

I am 25 years old and I played basketball growing up as a kid.

I joined the military at the age of 19 and got out of the military at 24 last year may 2016

Before the military I worked many jobs I worked at a gun shop, i was a server,  i worked at hotel. 

I got of the military to pursue my education

I am moving to NYC to finish my undergrad at CCNY.


In between my life timeline you can get very creative, so please make sure you abide by those instructions. If you want to ask question please ask questions because you have almost 2 weeks to complete it.

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