Hw-1689 crazy ones commercial | Accounting homework help


In 1997, Apple, Inc. supported its “Think Different” marketing campaign with a 1-minute commercial featuring black-and-white footage of 17 iconic 20th-century personalities. The commercial was conceptualized by the Los Angeles-based advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Find a copy of this commercial, also known as the “Crazy Ones” commercial, on the Internet and watch it.

Identify the 17 individuals shown in the background and, as a team, discuss the following questions:

  • What      did each of the individuals contribute to the world?
  • How was      each of these contributions rooted in creative thinking; that is, how did      each change existing paradigms of seeing or experiencing the world?
  • Are      there defining characteristics shared among all or most of the      individuals?
  • What is      the value of imagination and thinking outside the box with regard to their      contributions?

Summarize your findings in a 350- to 500-word word paper.

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