Hrm531 hrm/531 career development plan part iii week 4

1.    Individual Assignment:Career Development Plan Part III – Performance and Career Management


For this portion of the assignment, create a performance and career management program for the employees selected for your te

Create an appraisal form that is no more than 2 pages in length that you may use to evaluate the performance of each new employee of your team.

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word report on a career management plan for your new employees. Be sure to answer the following in your report:


o   Feedback – How is feedback given to the employee? What opportunities are provided to the employee after the feedback is given?

o   How will you help the employee reach a higher level of performance?

o   Are there promotions available, educational opportunities to increase skills, etc.? Explain.

o   Are there flexible opportunities for dual career parents? Explain.

o   Explain your adaptation to the diversity of your team in terms of each person’s careers. How would you handle each member?

o   Assuming your budget is zero, provide a justification of why your report will work. Within your explanation, identify expected benefits and types of costs.


Note: APA format is not required for this report. Use a title page and reference page where appropriate.


1.     Submit as a Microsoft Word® attachment.




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