Hi This Is Nurdan I Couldn T Understand Anything Your Tutor James S Send Me Mess

Hi,This is Nurdan. I couldn’t understand anythingYour tutor James S. send me message like :Clarification request: Dear Student, I am unable to work on your question due to previously pending assignments with me. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and would request you to feel free to get back to me in future for help required on more questions. “So can you please tell me what is that?2. Why he wait 3 days to explain this to me. I though he started to working on my assignment.3. Do you have just one tutor who can work on my assignment?4. I already deposit $25 so when I can get refund my money?5. I already explained to you that my assignment important so how can I do now?6.What is your Tutor needs and wantsPlease inform me soon as possibleI am waitingOur chat was at follow here please rewiev and think on customer satisfactionThank you Nurdan OzturkRegards

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