Hi There Can You Please Help Me Out With An Assignment

Hi there, can you please help me out with an assignment?  

I am stuck on the following: 

1) Scott started a systematic investment program by buying $350.00 worth of mutual funds on the first day of every month starting on February 1. Mutual funds are purchased in units. Scott purchased as many units as he could with his $350.00, including fractions of units. Unit prices for the first six months were $9.00, $9.20, $10.25, $8.50, $8.40, and $11.15 respectively.

What is the simple average of the unit prices? (Round to the nearest cent as needed.)

2) A Board of Education employee is paid an annual salary in 22 bi-weekly payments of $1924.34 each. The employee is under contract for 230 work days of seven hours each. What is the gross pay for a pay period in which the employee was away for five days at no pay?

3) Helene Gauthier invested $15,000 on January 1 in a partnership. She withdrew $2000 on June 1, withdrew a further $1500 on August 1, and reinvested $4000 on November 1. What was her average monthly investment balance for the year?

4) Artemis is paid a weekly commission of 4% on net sales of $6000, 8% on the next $3000, and 12.5% on all further sales. Her gross sales for a week were $11,160, and sales returns and allowances were $120. What was her average hourly rate of pay for the week if she worked 43  hours? (Round to the nearest cent as needed.)

5) Angie’s Bake Shop files GST returns monthly, and the GST rate is 5%. The figures in the following table represent the store’s GST taxable sales and purchases for which GST is paid for the indicated months of the year. As part of a year-to-date review, determine Angie’s Bake Shop’s net GST remittance and if they owe the government money or are entitled to a refund.


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