Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Vertisols The Vertisols Are Dev

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Vertisols.

The vertisols are developed from highly basic rocks in places that are moist, subject to inconsistent drought and overflows or to impeded drainage areas. The color of the soil is reliant on the parent material and the climate of the area that contributes to the grey or red soils. The topographic location of vertisols has a wrinkled look formed by a complex arrangement of loads and depressions that emerge due to shrink-swell sequence over longer durations (Syers, et al, 86). The temporal changes in the physical qualities of the vertisols require farmers to have accurate timing and adoption of agricultural practices for good harvests. However, there are other shortfalls that the soils impose on farmers and engineers during the varying seasons, which make them unsuitable for permanent reasons.

Vertisols appear in nearly different climatic zones, with Australia having the largest occurrence of the soils. However, arid moisture areas that have limited ustic and xeric zones produce more Vertisols than other regions. Considering this, the seasonal variations in rainfall and temperature are the prerequisites for the development of the soils. This is because they cause weathering of main and secondary resources during wet seasons, but enhance the accumulation of original cations in the dry seasons. It is apparent that places where vertisols develop experience periods of possible evaporation that exceeds precipitation in the dry seasons (Auerswald 510-511). Intense rainfalls cause deep cracks that increase the organic matter contents and carbonates leaching in the soils. The associated climate experiences variations between the cold and dry spells is favorable for the vertisols to endure the effects of one situation. For instance, the cracks formed in the dry periods are rectified when the rains start by making the soil to swell and cover the cracks (Dedousis 116). It implies that the vertisols operate

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