Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic U S Energy Policy According To

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic U.S. energy policy.

According to Bazerman, climatic changes and diminishing energy resources became a concern and various government offices were supposed to give a detailed explanation which was later termed as “a predictable surprise, or a failure to act in time.” This explanation is what formed the need for government to have control on future occurrences. In addition, other needs for energy and climatic control developed over the years.

To begin with, climate change characterized by long warm periods necessitated implementation of Energy Policy in order to contain the situation. Bazerman notes that scientists and politicians had to come up with solutions to address the climatic changes and “other energy issues including oil, transportation, and electricity policies” (1). These were the initial concerns when the technological advancements were few and human population was little.

Another reason for formulation of U.S Energy Policy was need for energy independence. Grossman (1) acknowledges the U.S government effort under the tenure of President Carter, whereby there was increased government funding to stimulate new technologies for alternative energy. In addition, the country also wanted to reduce the over dependence on fossil fuels such as cove reasons coal and oil whose amounts diminish with time.

In addition to the above, other reasons include formation of sustainable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, creation of jobs, reduction of air pollution and energy cost (ACEE E 1). Many benefits are accrued from efficient energy sources and can be spread in various sectors of the economy and even at personal level. For example, efficient energy systems promote investments, which in turn provide employment opportunities to the citizens.

For actualization of the above objectives, the government had to setup various institutions to oversee the implementation of various legislations passed through Acts of parliament. To

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