Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic The Greying Of America Indeed T

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic The Greying of America.

Indeed, this is a great metaphor since gray hair is primarily associated with the elderly. The above mentioned concept stands for gradual increase of the number of people over sixty five in the population of the country. This can be easily explained by the event that took place seventy years ago: the people who are old now were born in the age of Baby boom.

If one considers the impact that graying of the nation has on the American culture, one will be able to note the following. First of all, with more people who are over sixty five, the gap between the older and the younger generation become wider and wider. Keeping in mind that the modern technological advancement puts emphasis on individual entertainment, there might be a situation that a grandfather and his grandson will live in two different words (Kausler, 2001, 147). In addition to that, as the number of older population grows, it contributes to enhancement of conservatism in the society. One of the most likely results of it is gradual shift of the political world. Thus, the majority of the top rank politicians nowadays are in their late years which means that they are likely to shape the domestic policies that would favor this particular group of the people. Finally, one of the most devastating consequences of the process in question is lack of balance between different groups of the population which is reflected in culture. Indeed, the way of development of a society might be seen as a gradual and steady path which is disrupted by external factors, like war. Keeping in mind that World War II contributed to demographic growth, the consequences of the latter are visible now. So, graying of nation is likely to contribute to misbalance in the social environment.

Now, it may be rather suitable to project the previously discussed information onto the near future of America. Thus, the first and the most essential point

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