Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Sportsmanship Normally This Cha

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Sportsmanship.

Normally, this character is because of the notion that their wealth is because of their superiority.

The use of the term snob is to describe people that have the habit of portraying or rather showing their wealth through the purchase of luxury commodities. However, this definition rarely comes in use for the snob for it acts as a double-way. This means that the person who flaunts by the purchase of the expensive commodities can initiate the acts of a snob. A snob has the attitude of feeling more superior. The attitude is as compared to other people and upon a person portraying their wealth. they get to feel jealous and snob the person to show that they do not acknowledge that wealth. Another manner of understanding a snob is viewing the individual as one that has a great sense of social insecurity (Baggel). A snob benefits most when a particular issue becomes less secure in comparison to the general state that it ought to be.

Reviewing the term nerd and comprehending the definition is effective in differentiating from a snob. A nerd is a highly intellectual person but despite this level of intellect, the person has a problem socializing and thus deemed socially impaired. A nerd has the reputation of spending a large amount of time carrying out unpopular activities. The activities that the nerd engages in are highly technical and because of this behavior that nerds have few friends except for people that operate in the same circle of activities as they do. People have always engaged in fun activities that do not involve high amounts of thinking. However, nerds are the opposite and operate in highly sensible manners that have many people uncomfortable and thus do not associate with them.

A snob has one of the highest levels of self-esteem in society, and this is because he/she aims to prove his superiority over other people (Baggel). However, the nerd has very low self-esteem and is shy in the actions that he

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