Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Review The Education Of Little

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Review The Education of Little Tree.

The little boy is only five years old when his grandparents, whom he calls Granma and Granpa, are saddled with him. His actual name is never revealed but Granma names him Little Tree when they arrive at their new home. This name is symbolic of his ties to the land and the animals. The story is told from Little Tree’s point of view and his innocence and trusting nature is revealed in many instances throughout the story. For example, on the bus ride after the funeral, the other passengers make racial ridicules to Granma and Grandpa but Little Tree thinks the other passengers are just being sociable. During the walk to their cabin, the vivid description of the scenery makes sure that the reader has a very clear detailed imaginative image about the wonderful trail.

Little Tree feels the love from his grandparents especially when Granma makes him boot moccasins from deer leather which she spent a week on. Little Tree is impressed by this wonderful gift. Also, his grandpa takes him on a turkey hunt and teaches him Cherokee values of hunting and conservation and it becomes clear that the two will have a close relationship.

Grandpa, Grandma and Little Tree have grown closer and have mostly adapted to their new situation. Grandma reads to both of them in the evenings on weekends. Most books she read were stimulating to them, basically Shakespeare and stories on politics. Grandpa was apathetic to all politicians except George Washington so grandma would skip anything that wasn’t positive about George Washington when reading. However, she slipped one night and read a piece on George Washington putting a tax on whiskey, thus deciding who could make whiskey and who would not. This deeply aggravated Grandpa who admired George Washington thus was disappointed by his law which he thought a bad decision and also, since he was a moonshiner.


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