Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic The Home Video Game Industry Po

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The home video game industry pong to xbox 360 online.

PlayStation by Sony and Xbox by Microsoft are bitter rivals. The market share of the two is divided and one can outdo the other should innovation kick in. The PlayStation has several features that Xbox does not have. The wireless joysticks are perhaps the best features, then there is Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of several other features. These added featured attract the potential buyers and this is how a market share is created.

Genesis was launched in the year 1989, it was first launched in Japan and subsequently in America. Sega a video game company produced games for Genesis, the games were graphically violent. After a few years EA Sports which also produces the FIFA series jumped on the bandwagon, all these companies entered into the new market because all this was incredibly profitable. The FIFA series has become a must have for football fans and it is sold every year in millions.

The new entrants were able to capture the market share from their predecessors because they made better games which were appreciated by the fans. They bought copies of the games and the word of mouth also spread this is how they were able to capture the market share.

Market leaders lost market share when they failed to innovate and make games of the next level. It is always useful to make better games and keep the fans anticipating but this failed to happen after one point. The new players on the other hand made better games and managed to capture the market share.

Developing and commercializing a technology-based product needs a lot of dedication, most importantly it needs innovation. Making something new and unique always helps when it comes to a technology-based product. The case study teaches us about the importance of innovation and knowing your rivals. One must be at least two steps ahead of their rivals all the time only then can one keep growing at a consistent

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