Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic The Great Post It Mascare He Ex

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The Great Post-It Mascare.

He exemplifies Nietzsche’s observation that intelligence, mind, spirit etc. are falsely regarded as man’s highest faculties and in reality they have no privileged status within that power complex which we call a human person (Grimm, 1977, page 10). He finds a justification to his intense desire to exercise control over others by assuming that people have an inherent dislike for work and tend to avoid responsibility. they must, therefore, be pushed, punished, coerced and directed to ‘extract’ work. Such attitude is bound to prevent free and fair communication. Conflict is inevitable when there is neither motivation nor communication.

It is almost a century since the Hawthorne Studies revealed the significance and benefits of informal organization. It is an irony that managers of George’s kind still abound. Positive organizational behavior recognizes employee well-being to be the heart of performance of improvement in workplace (Kinder, 2008, page 51). The perspective of Beverly or Bob is that the average worker enjoys work, is ready to accept responsibility if adequately reinforced and can exercise self-direction. Such perspectives can create win-win situations. It cannot be denied that Bob owes his success, to a great extent, to Beverly’s trust, encouragement and willingness to delegate. The approach is grounded in the awareness that ‘passing the torch from generation to generation is the primary conduit through which core lessons of leadership are learned’ (Deal et al., 2010, page 152). The benefits of the awareness are mutual.

Beverly, as the COO, is still responsible for the people she has molded. She must see to it that the methods and processes initiated by her (in the interest of the employees) will be continued and improved upon by the successor. As George’s superior, she can monitor his leadership style and act as necessary. Changing the departments of

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