Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Researching The Field Of Adult

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Researching the Field of Adult Learning.

ESL hereby stands for English as a Second Language. In other words, adult education system is more popular as a distance education. However, distance educational system is considered as one of the rapidly emerging modes of education. Growth within the field has herewith led the informal and formal education trends to a higher level (Veletsianos, 2010).

During adult education practice, students greater and proper attention is in demand for focused guidelines and assistance from their peers as well as teachers. In case of ESL, adults require greater support and motivation for adopting the learning skills majorly owing to the fact that they practice a separate mother tongue. In this regard, technological adoption in ESL program is expected to be more beneficial for those who are interested in learning ESL. Contextually, technological invention is the main evidence of the new emerging educational system wherein the use of internet, computers, cells phones, laptops and many other digital devises in the teaching process as well as in the classrooms has been proved to be beneficial. In ESL process, technological innovation is useful for better communication. It is also observed that communication process is helpful in adopting the language within a shorter time span as compared to the conventional system. Contextually, adult students are more frequent about the use of various technical devices. Proper usage of technical devices in ESL will be helpful for quick learning (Araya & Gamboa, 2012. Choitz & Prince, 2008).

Technological invention in distance education is also getting more popular day by day. Hence, it has been observed that technological invention in adult educational system is a positive initiative as it is more competent in providing better opportunities to the people (Merriam, & Grace, 2011). In case of ESL, the usage of technical devices has been playing an important role for both the learners

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