Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Report Business Strategy The Co

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Report Business Strategy.

The company has good knowledge pertaining to its competitors. The company fully understands the demands of its customers and therefore it fulfills them accordingly. It possesses good ability of predicting the changing market trends and has successfully applied its strategic skills.

The company is considered as strategic leader within its industry and enjoys a competitive workforce. There is a culture of learning attitude in the company which has become a part of its employees’ personalities as well. Abu Dhabi Airport Company has a willingness to adopt change whenever required. The ability of the company to identify new opportunities has led to increase in the profitability of the company for past several years. Its risk taking ability is also appreciable. The company is highly innovative and believes in utilizing the best possible technological advancements.

Strategic activities include developing new products and services, reviewing the performance of stakeholders, reviewing the performance of company etc. According to the survey, Abu Dhabi Airport Company is frequently involved in the development process of new products and services. However, it is not much involved in the public relation campaigns and has been marked as average in this category. Abu Dhabi Airport Company strictly examines the performance of its distribution channels as well as it suppliers. It frequently formulates marketing strategies whenever required and also frequently examines the level of customer satisfaction. The pricing strategies are also reviewed by the company more frequently and in this manner, its response time is adequate.

The business objectives are strongly driven by the customer satisfaction. The company frequently monitors the alignment in serving the customers and level of commitment. The business model of Abu Dhabi Airport Company, also allows the company to freely communicate all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences

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