Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Pre Certification Assignment In

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Pre-certification assignment.

In level 212 the patients reach 211 (1, 3 and 4,) the history of the patient also demonstrates the patient to have had episodes of sore throat with is a sign of tenderness of the tonsils. The patient also has difficulty in swallowing which is a typical sign of tonsillar enlargement. In addition, the patient presents with fever in the history. Finally, in level three, the patient seems to have taken two courses of antibiotics even though it is nonspecific. most strep antibiotics are 7 to 12 days

The patient should have a history of snoring, bleeding, suspected sleep apnea hyponasal speech persistent drooling or more than six months accompanied by grade three or four tonsillar enlargements with the patient having normal palate

This patient qualifies for the criteria 400 for the diagnosis of adenotonsillar hypertrophy. In 412, the patient snores a sign of sleep apnea she also has signs of bleeding. In 411, the speech is hyponasal with the sore strep throat. the patient, however, does not meet the level 413. 420 The patient also meets the criteria 413 as he has a 4+ tonsillar enlargement on the right that touches the uvula and 3+ in the left tonsil that is pink in appearance. The patient seems to meet the 430 criteria, as there is no physical pathology with the palate for it is not reported. In this, the assumption is that only the pathological findings are recorded. The patient, therefore, meets all the requirements for these criteria for the insurance cover

The patient needs to present with symptoms of tonsillar history enlargement of grade 3 or for by physical exam. Besides, on the physical exam the patient should have a normal palate. Also, the patient needs to have history any of the following symptoms, bleeding, suspected sleep apnea hyponasal speech persistent drooling or more than six months.

The patient meets the criteria for this

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