Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Position Paper 12 Do Video Game

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Position paper #12: Do video games encourage violent behavior.

These children continue finding more and more styles to engage in violent behavior which they get from the different violent video games they watch. They also have a hard time to solve any difficulties with the others without engaging in aggressive behavior.

The cognition of these children tends to be focused on violence and how to deal with every situation using violence. They start viewing the world in a hostile manner and tend to even enjoy scenarios where violence is being used to handle the issues at hand. They get a positive reaction emotional and physical from any form of aggression and this rings the warning bells about the kind of child they will grow up to be (Alexander & Hanson 99).

The children who spend more hours playing the violent video games according to the editor of The Telegraph (2012) are the most highly affected and hence become the most aggressive of them all. They may not understand that they are aggressive or connect the aggression with the videos they play but this is the reality of the situation. Parents should not try ignoring the issue from the beginning thinking the children will be able to differentiate reality and virtual games. The more they engage in the games, the more blurred the line between the two become and soon it completely disappears.

Children who live in aggressive-prone homes or neighborhoods are the worse affected. It takes only a few of these violent games to trigger their aggression tendencies which they might have bottled up in the past. These aggression tendencies are long term and hence their effects long lasting. There is fear that parents are raising a future aggressive generation.

The worse thing is that the media companies involved in production of these games are aware of their negative effects and this is the reason they spend much of their money on trying to convince the people otherwise. These violent games which are addictive lead to the children and

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