Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic New Trends In Advertising The C

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic New trends in advertising.

The company’s efforts in rebranding the pizza and advertising are currently paying off ( Mendelson, 2010). In addition, in September, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new revamped logo that would accompany the new version of the company’s music downloading services. This change took the market by surprise with customers responding positively, increasing the company’s sale for the month (Mendelson, 2010).

Generally, companies and individuals in general have taken an initiative to change the perception of customers in the market, either due to negative image created in the market, or to increase sales by revamping a new spirit in the company’s product. As Mendelson (2010) argues, some companies have undertaken to change everything from the products, the names to the packaging in a complete new image of the company. Such was the case with Campbell’s Soup after a dip in U.S soup sales. However, according to Michelson, consumers have not responded positively to these changes and are still lukewarm to the company’s products. Therefore, according to these examples companies have adopted the view that customers are more susceptible to the company’s image through the product, and breathing a new life in these products would increase sales for the companies.

The above view has been taken by many multinational leading companies, which have undertaken to formulate products and advertising campaigns according to the market in question. The difference in perception in markets and the need to increase sales in these markets led Coca cola company to give freedom to its local subsidiaries to develop advertising campaigns for local customers and make brands that would respond in particular market (Muhlbacher, Leihs & Dahringer 344).This is because millions of customers worldwide do not consume products by companies, but consume brands. This means that the images that are created in the minds of

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