Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Marine Ecosystems Florida Keys

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Marine ecosystems Florida Keys.

The environment specialist gave an insight on the importance of the environment as a habitat for other animals and for human health. The insight acted as guidance to how we treated the environment at the place for the next three weeks.

The park had two laboratories. One dealt with research on marine plants while the other dealt with research on marine animals. In the plant laboratory, I learnt how to operate the modern microscopes. The lab technicians were very helpful in helping us identify the adaptation characteristics of the plants. I was able to see some of the biology facts that I had learnt theoretically. The technicians introduce us to marine crop improvement which was done through numerous tests. At that particular time, the technicians were doing research on improving the green algae plant. Their major aim was to reduce its growth period and increase its adaptation in being a habitat for certain small sea animals (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary retrieved from http://www.q2lschool.org/ecosystem/popeco/ecoscenario/drytort/index.html). I worked as an assistant lab technician which led me discovering the adaptation of the algae plant.

The animal laboratory was very busy and with many technicians. They had many sea animal specimens which we dissected so as to understand their body features. We dissected different types of fish, and we were able to identify and compare various organs. To test on our understanding capabilities, we were given simple test to dissect crabs and remove certain organs. We were required to describe the adaptability of different features such as how the feet were adapted to movement in water. The project about the crab also required us to identify the different kinds of foods that crab feed on. From my research, I learnt that crabs are omnivorous and they feed on algae and small seas animals such as molluscs and worms.

In the laboratory, what amazed me most was the diverse features of

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